Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Times at Doggy Beach

Here is Portia at Doggy Beach this morning. The waves were really big, but she body-surfed right over them. Soooo cute!


At 9:15 AM , Blogger Red7Eric said...

I've never had an animal who loved the water. So, I've missed out on some cuteness, but I imagine that they smelled better as a result.

That's what i tell myself anyway. Love that picture; super-cute.

At 10:08 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Eric - the thing is, occasionally the lake has a lot of algae in it and Portia comes out smelling a little fishy.
(She gets rinsed off at home with the hose)

At 11:58 AM , Anonymous the child said...

Hi Portia!


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