Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A funny thing happened twenty years ago. . .

July, 1987, Austin Texas

My friend, Dan, and I had some out-of-town friends visiting us in Austin. David and Mark were from Chicago and wanted to visit us in Texas.

Austin has a notorious spot called “Hippie Hollow” on picturesque Lake Travis that’s been there for decades. Hippie Hollow is a serpentine section of the lake lined with huge limestone step-like boulders, perfect for sunbathing. The water in this hill-country lake is usually pretty clear, cool and blue. (click on the pic. It's pretty)

The thing that has made Hippie Hollow notorious for decades is that clothing is optional. It’s now even an official State Park and, yes, it’s still clothing optional.
Only now you have to pay to park.

It’s popular with the gay crowd, but you can still be walking along and encounter grandma and grandpa in all their glory as well. You don’t have to go nude there; only about half the visitors do. I’m pretty shy about such things, but one time I did get in the water, slip off my trunks and dog-paddled around a bit just to say “I did it.”

So, of course, it’s a great place to take out-of-town guests. Mark loved it, but David was definitely not an out-doorsey person. As a matter of fact, he loved to play up the “Jewish American Princess” role to the hilt (his last name was Weinberg).

So, we’re out there, climbing along the boulders like mountain goats, and David is complaining. It was a typical, hot summer day in Texas and the scorching, dry wind was blowing in from the lake.

Finally, we get settled on a flat boulder and break out a few beers from the cooler. David, in perfect J.A.P. mode exclaims:
“Oh. My. God!
The last time I had windburn like this was coming down the escalator at Saks.”

Twenty years later, I still think that’s one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard.



At 7:14 AM , Blogger Citymouse said...

LOL too funny
Ill have to find a way to work that line in somewhere!

At 12:40 PM , Blogger Anne said...

Jon, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Stop back anytime!

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