Monday, July 30, 2007

Still no air conditioning

My air conditioner won’t be fixed for another week. Possibly two.

It’s an ancient air conditioner that was probably an original unit from when the building was completed in 1964. My landlord wants to have it repaired rather than replaced, so the repairman came and removed it on Saturday.

Of course, he arrived right as I was all soapy in the shower. Naturally.

Now, he has to take it back to the shop and see if he can get a new squirrel cage for it. Whatever.

Anyway, the repairman only does house calls on Saturdays, so if the new squirrel cage doesn’t come in by then, it’ll be the next Saturday before I have a/c.

It’s supposed to be in the 90’s this week. I’m mad.

But, I found a pretty clever solution. I noticed that the hallway was air conditioned and the a/c vent in the hallway was right across from the door to my apartment. So I bought a big-ass fan and have it in the front doorway, sucking the a/c in from the hallway. By opening the door to the balcony, a very strong, cool cross-wind is created. I’m comfy.

My friends, Jack and Steve (who own Portia) are going away for two weeks on a cruise to Italy and Greece. If it gets too hot or someone leaps in the open door to murder me, I can always stay at their place.

Miss Healthypants and Iwanski are also going on vacation next week. I’ll be tending to The Cats while they’re away. While MHP and Iwanski are frolicking on sandy beaches, I'll be keeping their cats' litterbox clean and tidy. If it gets too hot or someone leaps in the open door to murder me, I can stay at their place too.

We're good friends that way.

I’m all set for murderers or a heat wave.
Frankly, I’d prefer the former.


At 12:20 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

That was a very clever solution. At least you have options.


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