Saturday, September 01, 2007

While at O'Hare . . .

I’m writing this while waiting at O’Hare, waiting for the airplane to take me to Texas for my vacation. I’ll admit, this is the first time I’ve used a laptop at the airport. It’s pretty cool.

I need to find a Starbuck’s. There’s gotta be a dozen or so around here somewhere.

I have to admit, when I went to the men’s room here at the airport, I was wary of any nasty Republicans wanting to play footsie. I must imagine that every man in every airport is conscious of that now. Those Republicans are certainly influential.

I’m a little concerned about my flight to Texas in that I have less than an hour to transfer from the Regular Airplane to the Little Bitty Scary Airplane. There’s a 70 percent chance of thunderstorms down there. If my flight on the Regular Airplane is delayed, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t make the transfer.

We’ll see how it goes.

For the millions of you who read my website, (seven of you) since I’ll be on vacation, I might not be updating as much. Then again, I might be posting lots of pics of my lovely family members, pics of Mexican food, big Texas insects, etc.

It’s almost time to get on the Regular Airplane. I’m looking around to see if there how many babies might be shrieking during the flight.

Looks good so far. . .

. . . Oh, wait. Here comes a woman holding a little blue blanker to her chest. The blanket has little legs coming out the bottom.


At 10:06 PM , Anonymous stacy said...

I'm excited that we're on vacation "together"! I'm headed to the land of "my people" and you are headed to yours. All the best to you and yours jbuckington!


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