Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scary Weather

A couple of days ago, I was at work when some really violent thunderstorms hit. All of a sudden, the sky grew dark and sheets of rain were flying by our window on the 22nd floor. Then, the windows began making this weird groaning and cracking noise. Right when we were saying, "I've never heard them do that before," the emergency alarm sounded. The announcement said that there were possible tornadoes in the area and all personnel should immediately move to the center of the building away from the windows.

No problem!

Later that afternoon after I was home, I noticed dark clouds gathering outside and went out on the balcony. From the west, another line of thunderstorms was quickly advancing. See pic.

So cool!

I watched a jet descending from the east toward O'Hare right where the thunderstorms were. Just as I was thinking how strange it was that a jet would be landing in such violent weather, the jet began ascending, banked to the left and flew south.

"Well, they're going to be spending the night in St. Louis now," I thought.

Over 500 flights to and from O'Hare were cancelled that night.

I love weather. It can take a 'nothing' day suddenly make it all seem worthwhile. It's pretty fascinating to watch the weather from where I live. I face west and that's where all of Chicago's weather seems to come from.

That night, I was supposed to hook up with a friend of mine who was flying in from Texas on a business trip. I received a text message from him.
He was stuck in St. Louis.


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