Friday, September 28, 2007


Acrophobia, or a fear of heights is a condition from which I, thankfully, do not suffer.

I’m happy to lean against the railing of my apartment balcony and watch the world go by, five hundred feet below. JP calls it the “Balcony of Terror.” That’s funny.

I love riding tall roller coasters, rising to dizzying heights and then plummeting, weightlessly, at record-breaking speeds. Love it.

Then, one day when I was living in Toronto, I took an out-of-town visitor to the top of the CN Tower. The observation deck sits 1,200 above the ground and on the first level of it, there’s a glass floor for visitors to walk on.

I thought, “Oh, cool!” and sauntered right over to it.

Within one step out on the glass, a hot wave of adrenaline shot through me like a bullet. I scampered back like a scared kitten.

That glass floor, needless to say, is intense.



At 7:28 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Ok, that freaked me out and it was just a picture.

Makes the Balcony of Terror look like a brownstone stoop.


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