Sunday, July 22, 2007

After-Dinner Foot Theatre

Miss Healthypant's friend from college, Diane, came down for the weekend. Lovely, fun, smart woman. (She looks just like Carrie Fisher, by the way).

We all hooked up with Jack and Steve at the infamous Lao Sze Chuan for a gorgeous meal. Steve took this photo of Miss HP and Diane with his nifty i-Phone and emailed it to me right away. (Those i-Phones ARE impressive, let me tell you)

Our usual friend, Ken, who speaks fluent Mandarin (and isn't Chinese) wasn't with us, so we were left to order things on our own. The past meals, ordered by Ken, our usual Mandarin-speaking friend, have included this incredible shrimp dish that we just die over every time it's brought to the table. We wanted the shrimp dish again. We didn't know the name of it since our usual friend, Ken, always ordered for us in his fluent Mandarin. So we tried our best to describe and obtain it as best we could.

There are big shrimp in a delectable batter-fried coating with a slightly sweet sauce on top. I swear, you have never tasted shrimp like this before. While we were waiting, we saw this dish come out of the kitchen three times to other diners. We wondered if we got it right.

The name of this dish? -- Mayonnaise Shrimp

Yes! They are large shrimp, dipped in mayonnaise and fried like tempura. Who knew that was an authentic Szechuan food item?
But they are.

We also had fish fillets in a deep, red bowl of spicy sauce with silky tofu, spinach in dry chilis, broccoli in garlic sauce, beef in a deep brown orange sauce (very spicy), chicken in a light sauce with vegetables, and the platter of mayonnaise shrimp. Oh, and also crab rangoon and a spicy cabbage appetizer. There were five of us there. With a very generous tip, the meal still came out to twenty bucks a piece. Huge feasts at Lao Sze Chuan seldom cost more than that.

Iwanski met us soon after dinner. He'd spent the day at Wrigley Field with his buds. He'll have to catch you up on that story. It's a good one.
Iwanski is funny.

So, Miss Healthypants and Diane came over to my place after Iwanski was settled. Here is MHP and Diane posing on the 61st story roof of my apartment building:
We sang lots of songs on the piano (Miss Healthypants and I do a rendition of "The Rose" that'll make you weep -- just ask Lorraine).
We sang lots of sappy things from the Catholic hymnal. We do a killer "Close to You" from The Carpenters.

They saw my favorite i-Tunes playlist that includes "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, and "On and On" by Abba at the top of the list. I shan't be embarrassed -- Those are incredible songs.

But did you know that Miss Healthypants and Diane do "foot theatre"?

They made me draw faces on their bare feet with a King Size Permanent Marker.

I can't draw! Then they came up with characters.
And a scenario.

So! Here, you have Miss Healthypants and her BF, Diane, from college doing foot-theatre.

Here are the cast of characters:

1. George Bush looking angry and confused.
2. Condoleeza Rice (notice her constant admiration)
3. Cheney, stepping up to the plate at the last minute
4. An Alien from a UFO

So, click here, if you dare see our wonderful foot theatre. (click on the play button if it doesn't begin right away. It might take a while to load. Be patient)
I had no idea that my friends were so talented.

You have to admit, it was a fun evening. . . .


At 8:47 PM , Anonymous MHP :) said...

*LOL* Oh my God, we're such dorks!--but I had a lot of fun!! *smiles*


MHP :)

At 11:21 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I can't see the film! Won't even open up! Blast!

I. Love. Those. Shrimp.

And the beef thing...I think we had that when I was there.

And yeah, it is super inexpensive. My lord, I think the final bill was $140 when we went there and there were, what?, 8 of us? Crazy cheap.


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