Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Eating Out

I'm meeting Miss Healthypants and Iwanski after work tonight for dinner. We do this a lot.

Every time, though, there's always the difficult question of where to go. That's silly because one would think that living in downtown Chicago would provide us with a huge selection of places to eat.

Here are some of the places we frequent:

"The Brown Gravy Place" is a actually a Thai restaurant that's one block from each of our apartments. It's awfully convenient and we've been there a lot. I call it "The Brown Gravy Place" because (1) I can't remember the names of places and (2) it seems that several of the dishes I've ordered came in the same type of brown sauce.

"The British Place" serves British fare and it's really good, contrary to what one would think of British food. (They've Americanized everything, actually). It also has Guinness which is always a good selling point. Again, I can't remember the name of it, so it's just "The British Place."

"The Fried Oyster Place" is where I ordered fried oysters which is actually one of my all-time favorite food items. They were tasteless. So, naturally, I ordered them again the next time. Iwanski tried to talk me out of it but I didn't listen. And they were horrible.

"The Mexican Place" has just about the closest equivalent to Tex-Mex food that I've found up here. It's mighty tasty. The waiter had an attitude problem last time we were there. He was kind of snarly.

"Chili's" -- yes, we go to Chili's quite often. Considering what Chicago has to offer within a one-mile radius, it's really sad that we go there so frequently.

One time, Miss Healthypants and I went to "The Brazilian Place" where lots of Brazilian waiters walk around with at least thirteen varieties of delectable roasted meats on skewers. You just keep eating until you explode. (The baby-lamb-chop guy hides -- you have to flush him out and make sure he doesn't get away.) It also has a salad bar that contains lots of really expensive food items, all for the taking. Iwanski would love "The Brazilian Place" because of all the tasty meat items. But he didn't go because it's expensive -- the equivalent of three month's of cable TV with HBO.

I wonder where we'll end up tonight? I have a hankering for fried oysters. . .


At 3:15 PM , Blogger Red7Eric said...

Didn't Iwanski find any hidden treasures during the Taste of Chicago?

Don't go to the fried oyster place. Two strikes and you're out when it comes to seafood, I say. If you go, they'll suck. Don't say I didn't warn you!

At 4:05 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Eric, "Taste" begins on July 29. Lorraine and her family arrive on the 30th. Iwanski will be difficult to find and I hope they at least get to meet. I'm not holding my breath.

At 12:46 AM , Blogger Iwanski said...

Alas, the dining opportunity was not to be. Miss Healthypants must get ready, for tomorrow, she will travel to the majestic place we all dream about....
That's right, Toledo.

Stop calling it the Fried Oyster Place. They specialize in spicy Cajun dishes, and it's not their fault you ordered plain fried oysters twice!

Sho nuff.

At 6:55 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Stay away from the oysters! Ooh, did Iwanski say Cajun?

At 11:07 AM , Anonymous Bro said...

They say that oysters are an aphrodisiac...but I ate 12 the other day and only 3 of them worked!

(sorry, old joke, but I could not resist.)


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