Friday, February 22, 2008

Special Memories

See the geeky kid playing the piano at church?

That’s me when I was about nineteen years old. My grandmother was over at the organ and we were rehearsing a piano/organ duo to play during the Sunday service at the Baptist church where she was an organist.

My grandmother began teaching me piano lessons when I was about eight years old. (She also tried teaching me violin lessons but I didn’t like the violin). Anyway, I continued on with lessons and even got a little bitty music scholarship.

So, my grandmother had mailed this music to me for us to “wow” the congregation with. I drove down from college and my dad snapped this photo while we were rehearsing. My grandmother was a pretty incredible organist. It was one of my most special memories.

Gosh, I had pretty hair. . . .


At 12:21 AM , Blogger Speck said...

Not many 19-year-old grandsons would agree to do such a thing with their grandmothers. That's pretty special. The fact that it is one of your most special memories makes it even more special-er. You must have been one pretty incredible kid, she one pretty incredible grandmother, or both.

And yes, you had very pretty hair.


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