Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Moments

Okay, I’ve been watching the Olympics each night. Well, as I said before, I Tivo it then fast forward through the boring stuff like beach volleyball and water polo.

My goodness, haven’t we seen enough of the swimmer, Michael Phelps? He’s already broken just about all the swimming records. He’s even broken the record for the most gold medals won by any athlete.

Enough already!

Frankly, I think he’s being a little selfish and should let some other swimmers win something. After all, 50 years from now when he’s telling his grandchildren about the Olympics is he really going to say, “If only I had gotten that twelfth gold medal, everything would be different.”

He should just bow out now and let someone else have a little glory. After all, there's probably some guy named Alymkan Oziris from Kyrgyzstan, busting his butt in the slim chance that he might go home with a paltry bronze medal.

I’ll admit that Phelps is a pretty incredible athlete. He consumes ten thousand calories a day, but look at him. You could grate nutmeg on those abs.

I, on the other hand, eat a Tic-Tac and have to rent a room at Crunch Fitness.

I was watching him set another record last night. Of course, after every race the camera pans up to his mom who is always bawling her eyes out in utter amazement. Last night, I yelled at her on the TV, “Oh just stop it! It’s not like you haven’t seen it before!”

Just once after he wins a race, I’d love for the camera to pan up to her while she’s sporting a big, huge yawn.

Ho-hum. Another gold medal.

Now that would truly be an Olympic Moment.

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At 9:54 AM , Blogger Barb said...

I LOVE the way you think! I haven't actually seen much of the Olympics this time around. Guess I just don't care enough ~ YAWN.


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