Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem. . .

For those of you who keep up with nerdy space things like I do, I’m sure you’re still amazed over the Phoenix polar explorer that landed on Mars the other day. It’s gone off without a hitch. Soon it will be digging up polar ice on the red planet and analyzing it for signs of life.

Isn’t that amazing?

On a more humbling note for NASA, it seems that the toilet has malfunctioned on the International Space Station. The three astronauts had to use the toilet on the Soyuz capsule that was moored to the space station.

It’s a good thing it was there.

“Houston, we have a problem. . .

“Yes? Go ahead. . ."

“It seems our toilet has experienced a major malfunction.”

“Does it involve number one or number two?”

“At this point, number one. Number two may soon be in jeopardy.”

“Aren’t the Russians docked there?”


“Um. . . can’t you go next door?”

Sigh. . . “I guess so. But it’s a hassle. . . “

We may be in the process of conquering Mars, but we still have to go to the toilet.

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