Friday, August 03, 2007


I bought some art. Doesn't that sound chi-chi?
As Lorraine can tell you, the walls in my apartment are pretty bare. I would definitely make a good Shaker because I like things simple and really, really don't want anything superfluous in my surroundings. I'm the opposite of a pack-rat.
I don't know a whole lot about art, but I know I've always liked Kandinsky a lot, and Modern Art in general.
I don't really respond to a painting or sculpture of something, like a person or landscape, but I want it to evoke something in me.
And Kandinsky's stuff is also pretty.
So, I bought Kandinsky's Structure Joyeuse. It has lots of yellows and reds in it.
I couldn't decide what color of mat would go with it. A reddish or yellowish one just didn't work.
Then I tried a blue mat.
Pow! It SO worked.
I have this hanging above the piano in my apartment and my walls aren't quite so bare.
And it's pretty.



At 11:41 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Whoa! That looks awe to the some! Bet it looks great with the couch, too!

At 1:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

At 2:06 AM , Blogger Iwanski said...

Nice choice.


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