Saturday, June 02, 2007

¡Desea vivo el Ratón! (Long Live the Mouse!)

I didn't purchase a Season Pass to Six Flags this year.

That's the first time I've not done so in the past six years. The nearest park is "Six Flags Great America" which serves the Chicago area and I've gone there faithfully for the past six years.

I'm an avid roller coaster buff. I've been a card-carrying member with the American Coaster Enthusiasts for over twenty years. I still follow all the new record-breaking coasters every season and try to ride them all.

The only record-breaker for 2007 seems to be Cedar Point's Maverick which features a first drop at 95 degrees -- five degrees inside the vertical. While I'm now feeling my age just a little bit on some coasters, I can already feel the lap-bar and shoulder harnesses digging in after a few consecutive rides on this rambunctious puppy-of-a-coaster. I'll pass on the Maverick and catch it next season.

The Six Flags that serves Chicago hasn't installed a new coaster in several years. They've got some great ones, but us coaster-hounds need new ones to keep us coming back. I won't be spending my buckaroos on a season pass this year. Sorry

Then, I saw this pic of Iwanski's nephew, Jarun, that was displayed on the their fridge. . . .

Now, THAT, is what theme park enjoyment should be all about!

Yay, Jarun! You go fella!

That definitely reminds me of what it means to be a kid again.

Kid-Power! Mickey-Mouse Fun!
Costumes Rule!

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