Monday, June 11, 2007

Coke or Pepsi? -- Neither. I'm a Tabby Boy.

Having grown up in the South, I've always preferred Coke over Pepsi because Coke was just what you drank down there. As a matter of fact, "coke" was synonymous with any carbonated beverage.
"What kind of a coke do you want?"
"I'll have a root beer, please."
Now that I live up North, I'm among a lot of avid Pepsi drinkers. Frankly, I can go either way. I like the spikey taste of Coke, but the minty undertaste of Pepsi is okay too. (Either way, I always drink the diet version).
It's definitely more PC to drink Pepsi. Did you know that? They're known for hiring and promoting more people with disabilities and having a more diverse workforce.
So there's that.
But recently I've changed. I now drink (are you ready for this?) . . .
Yes, Tab. That forerunner of sugar-free beverages from the sixties.
Actually, it's spelled with a capital B -- TaB
I first drank TaB when I was in high school and working part time at the local bank. It was the only sugar-free soft drink available and the break room there always kept it on hand. So, there's some nostalgia going on there for me.
There's something about it's in-your-face artificiality, that saccharin aftertaste that's awfully appealing to me. It's got a 60's kitsch factor and you know how I love anything with a 60's kitsch factor.
I don't like TaB straight from a can -- it's gotta be in a glass, no ice. As a matter of fact, at this very moment, I'm eating lunch (a chipotle chicken wrap and an artichoke salad from the Horribly Expensive Food Court downstairs) and drinking a glass of TaB at my desk.
Yes, TaB is produced by the Coca Cola Company and it's not as PC as Pepsi. But I figure I've built up a lot of PC comp time to make up for my TaB purchases.
I wonder how a rum & TaB would taste?

So, what's your favorite soft drink?



At 3:47 PM , Blogger Citymouse said...

would you believe it's RC or Dr. Pepper-- or beer, red beer

At 3:08 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I do not enjoy diet anything. If I have a full range of choices, my favorite soft drink is cream soda. But if it's just standard stuff than cola is fine, whatever is on tap. Low maintenance soda drinker.


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