Tuesday, February 20, 2007



I think my big feet have grown some more. You'd think that by one's mid-forties, most people would avoid any more growth spurts but, obviously, I haven't

Actually, my feet aren't that big for someone my height. I wear a size 10.5 extra-wide which is pretty small for some who's six-foot-three. I've worn Rockport shoes for the past 20 years because they make a nice, durable wide shoe for my platypus-like feet. Besides, they last forever and are super-comfy.

The last pair that I got from them were just a smidge too narrow, but they were cute so I kept them.

This last pair were just waayyyy wrong. They pinched my feet all the way up to my neck and were actually a bit too long. I'm about to head to the post office to send them back.

I've had to do the Peggy Hill thing and scour the internet for super-wide shoes. I found a place online that makes size quadruple-E and quintuple-E shoes. Can you imagine that?
Size 10.5 EEEEE

I bet they won't be cute.


At 5:57 PM , Anonymous Mike said...

Happy B-day, Bro! I won't say how old, but I'm only two behind you.


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