Monday, January 05, 2009

No Fare!

When I hopped onto the CTA this past weekend, I was a little surprised to see that the fare had jumped by fifty cents, from $1.75 to $2.25.

The fares had been increased by 25 cents effective January 1st. However, for those who use the automated CTA cards, we no longer get the 25 cent discount for using them, so the fares jumped 50 cents.

On one hand, I can understand that. It really doesn’t seem fair that CTA card holders get a break because one has to have a credit card in order to use them. (The cards re-load by charging a credit card).

On the other hand, the CTA charges you five dollars to obtain a CTA card. Back when the CTA was promoting the use of them, part of the promotion was that you got a discounted fare by purchasing a CTA card. Oh, and in the “fine print”, the cards expire every four years so you have to buy another one.

I really do like the convenience of the CTA cards. I can just leave it in my wallet and wave it across the little panel whenever I get on a train or bus.

Sometimes, in really cold weather I’ll go into a nearby subway station (and pay the fare) which enables me to take an underground walk-way all the way to work.

I started to do that this morning, but then realized it would cost $2.25 rather than $1.75.

Nope. I braved the cold weather of downtown Chicago instead.

CTA just lost a $2.25 fare. I hope they’re pleased with themselves.



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