Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thank God for Peapod

We have this nifty grocery delivery service here in downtown Chicago called Peapod. You just sign up with your info, go online to peapod.com, do all your online grocery shopping and they deliver it to you within a two-hour window that you specify.

It's really pretty cool. The delivery fees are quite reasonable and they have everything you could ever want.

My illness continues, though there are signs of improvement. Anyway, the only things that seemed appetizing to me are still juices of various sorts.

So, I went online with dear Peapod and went a little overboard with the sickie foods. Here's what I've got coming tonight:

3 half-gallons of carrot juice

4 half-gallons of Odwalla Superfood Micronutrient Fruit Juice Drink

4 gallons of Gatorade

One dozen bananas

4 pints of vanilla yogurt

That should do me for a while.

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes.

Oh, and be sure to get your flu shots. I'm never going to skip one again.


At 9:44 PM , Blogger Kimberly Ann said...

Oh I hear ya. I skipped my shot and I paid, big time. Enjoy the Superfood. Feel better soon.

At 10:40 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

You can get just about anything delivered in Chicago. That's why it is one of the greatest cities in America.

Hope there's lots of good bigfoot stuff on TV this week.



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