Friday, February 01, 2008

Snowbound in Hogtown

Well, I’m snowbound somewhere in Hogtown, Illinois.

I was conducting my round-the-state tour to visit with the staff members and, yesterday, saw that the weather was going to be getting pretty bad. I was about two and a half hours west of Chicago.

I cancelled my appointment in Peoria and began heading toward Interstate 80 down a farm-to-market road. The weather was deteriorating really fast. My windshield wipers began freezing as the wind and snow intensified. It was difficult to see.

I knew it would only be worse as the day continued so when I got to Hogtown, I checked into the Bates Motel.

That was yesterday. It snowed all night. Today, all the Interstates are 100 percent covered with snow and ice and it’s still snowing in Chicago. I’m stuck for another day. Rats!

I had nothing with me except business attire. After Norman checked me into my room I headed to the Wal-Mart and procured some jeans and a casual shirt – all At Everyday Low Prices – also lots of Diet Coke, fruit, and snacks.

This little town is known for (I’m not making this up) having more hogs than people. See? I’m being pretty accurate by calling it Hogtown. The TV in the room seems to play nothing but wrestling, that super-fighting type stuff, and truck competitions.

There is no CNN.

There is no pizza delivery.

Wireless internet is iffy at best.

I SO wish I was back home. I have a new computer waiting for me there and my weekend plans were to set it up and look at questionable material at blinding speeds.

Instead, I’m in a boring hotel room. I was going to post a pic of the huge Farm King store across the street but the wireless internet can't handle the uploading of photos.

Pray for me. . .


At 10:58 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Dear Lord, Please protect Buck from the Bates' and the hogs. Restore his internet connection. Forgive him for shopping at Wal-Mart. Please send him a snowplow so he can get home to a place where there are more people than pigs, a place where people eat the pigs (mmmmm....ribs) and let him hook up his new computer and send music to Eric.


At 11:59 AM , Blogger Buck said...

Dear Lord,
Please heed Lorraine's prayers for me. She's goes to that really nice cathedral in Seattle you know.
Oh, and I'm also out of clean underpants. . .

At 2:42 AM , Blogger Iwanski said...

hail mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed art thou....hail mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed art thou....hail mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed art thou....hail mary full of grace the lord id with thee blessed art thou....


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