Monday, August 02, 2010

Movie Set

A movie continued to be filmed in downtown Chicago this past weekend. I still don't know what movie it is, but it's obviously one of those shoot-'em-up, disaster-type movies with lots of explosions. About every two hours, they'd film a scene and these actors would run around shooting really loud machine guns at each other and a couple of bombs would go off.

It's all very thrilling for pedestrians. Thousands lined the bridges and sidewalks as close as they could get to the action. Of course, everything was completely cordoned off for blocks around. So, I went on the roof of my building, 61 stories up, to get a bird's-eye view of the set.
(click to embiggen)

They had Wacker Drive completely festooned with bombed out buildings, cars and busses. I took this shot on Sunday morning and on Monday, everything was completely gone and back to normal.


At 3:49 PM , Blogger Mom said...

Ooh, you live way up high!


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