Friday, April 09, 2010

Anserine Update

The past week’s weather had presented nothing but cold, grey, wet, misty, days. Even last night on the 9th of April, I walked home from buying groceries through a moisty snowfall.

But this morning was such a dry, brisk and bracing day. It made me want to get out and take lots of happy snaps of our Chicago creatures, namely our dear Gertrude and Stanley. Here is a city-scape of where they live. It was such a sunny day; I couldn’t help but take a photo of it.

Miss Gertrude was striking a fine pose in this morning’s sunlight.

Stanley-the-Manly-Goose wasn’t around. I’ve learned not to ask questions.
I was able to take some very close face-shots of our dear Gertrude. Here is the proud mother.

And even in a questioning pose.

And here is our lovely subject in repose. . . The morning sunlight was really playing on her earth-toned feathers. I hope she realized that.

I'm afraid that in my relish to capture Miss Gertrude in her best image, I may have disturbed her a bit. There was a bit of hissing going on, but I was able to confirm the presence two goose eggs.
Let’s do wish our dear geese-friends the best toward their endeavors. I must admit that after having grown so close to our urban-anserine friends like this day after day, a roast goose at Christmas will always take on a more somber reflection and, I’m afraid, without the same relish.



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