Wednesday, April 22, 2009

City Kitty

I just found out yesterday that I can have a cat in my new apartment if I so choose.

I love both cats and dogs but I’m just not sure that I want to put up with feline maintenance and all that entails. If I could procure a cat that was guaranteed not to shed, not to throw up on the carpet or furniture, and would keep its litter box impeccably tidy, then sure, I’d get a cat.

My sofa is solid navy blue and also solid fabric - - a kitty cat would turn that into a giant scratching post the moment I’d turn my back. Then the naughty kitty cat would get hurled off a 50th story balcony and I would get in trouble.

There’s an animal shelter within walking distance of my apartment that blatantly displays all their adorable kitties and puppies in the big glass windows. I swear, they deliberately put their beagles and basset hounds right where you can see them. As you walk by, they whimper in their little beagle voices, “Take meeeee! Take me home with youuuuu!”

I know that if Miss Healthypants drags me to the shelter, I’ll be walking out with a damn cat.


At 5:29 PM , Blogger Bob said...

We have three cats now--though we had seven at one point--and none of them scratched the fabric on the furniture. Get them a scratching post and make sure you train them not to claw the couch, and they won't. They can be trained.
That cleaning up their own litter box thing, however, doesn't work, and they do hairball, though rarely.

At 12:26 AM , Blogger Speck said...

This may sound counter-intuitive, but it would be better to get two kitties rather than one. They will expend all their energy on each other rather than on humans or furniture.

A lone, bored cat can be quite destructive. Sisters will entertain each other.

Best bet: two girls, 8 weeks old or more, littermates, short-haired, dark colored. The more common alley-catish they look, the healthier they will be in the long run.

DO get them spayed. DO **NOT** get them declawed.

Thus spake the Voice of Experience.

At 3:09 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

YES, you shall have a kitten!!!!


OMG, my word verification is "worancat!" I guess maybe you WON'T have a kitten!! LOL! :)

At 8:48 AM , Blogger Kyle said...

Get a kitty. Speck's advice is clever, too.

Think of all the cute photos you could take.

At 12:23 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Speck is right. Problem solved.

At 1:39 PM , Blogger Buck said...

Speck, it's wonderful to hear from you and if I get a cat, your advice will be heeded.

And no, I would never have a cat de-clawed. Ever.


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