Thursday, January 17, 2008


Last night during my skating class, the instructor placed these orange traffic cones about six feet apart for us to skate through. Right after she placed them, the wind blew them in unison to the edge of the ice.

By the way, skating against the wind is difficult.

On Saturday, the high is supposed to be 5 F and the low at minus 2. And the forecast says “blustery” on top of it. They’re predicting a wind chill of minus 30. I doubt that it will faze Portia one bit.

The only weather she doesn’t like is rain. That dog will not go poo in the rain for some reason.


Portia has all these stuffed animal toys strewn about the hallway. Whenever I get home, she’s at the door with, say, a stuffed duck in her mouth, tail a-wagging.

Yesterday, I must have knocked Tinky Winky off the windowsill in the bathroom. When I got home, Portia had that purple Tinky Winky in her bed with her.

I told Jack about it.

“She never has her stuffed animals in her bed,” he said.

“Well, she’s got a thing for Tinky Winky,” I replied.

Tinky is back on the windowsill, a little worse for wear.
There was a charge of $154.00 from Holiday Inn Express in Springfield on my credit card dated December 27. I was in Texas on the 27th, not in Springfield.

I phoned them up and contested it. It turns out I was at the Holiday Inn in Springfield on October 24th for two days. They just hadn’t billed me for it yet. And it was a Holiday Inn Express.
Isn’t that ironic?


I had a dream last night that I was back in the monastery. There was a choir singing a beautiful hymn in the monastery chapel and they sang the f-word. Twice. (It was a contemporary hymn, probably from that awful “Gather” hymnbook).
I wonder what that dream meant?


At 9:06 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

F'ing "Gather" hymnbook.


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