Saturday, September 15, 2007

Iwanski Made Me Do It

It was inevitable.

Continual interaction with Iwanski was bound to rub off.

I never wanted to let this happen.
But it did. . . .

This night, Iwanski did show up at my place. . .
. . . With a Sox baseball cap! (Miss Healthypants was with him)

And asked me to pose in it.
Ohhhh, I didn't want to do it,
but they were ever-so persuasive.

It was like they got a straight guy to do drag. . .
Then Miss Healthypants put on a Jazz CD and asked if I could play along.
Before you know it, I couldn't help BUT get into their Light Jazz & Funk;
Soon, all my know-how of twelve-bar Blues went out the window!And I NEVER wanted to admit it, but Iwanski made me do it . . .
.It's like he obtained an illusive pic of me posing as a rap artist

You know how they are with their Jazz recordings:
One thing leads to another . . .
. . . And then you're sucked into their inevitable din of degradation.As you can see,
It is, indeed, an awful result!J-BuckWheat, the Sox fan/Rap/Hip-Hop artist . . .
. . . well, maybe not. . .
But isn't this the oddest thing ever seen?

Iwanski is, indeed, brilliant.

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At 7:52 PM , Blogger Iwanski said...


Hip Hop Buck Wheat is here to stay.

At 9:41 AM , Blogger Citymouse said...

No, the oddest thing ive seen is iwanski with the regan mask dancing.

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

'k, and if Iwanski told you to jump off the Balcony of Terror, wouldja? I hope you'd just throw a beer at his head.

At 1:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iwanski has mad powers.

At 10:53 AM , Anonymous Bro said...

I see it, but I don't believe it. I would have guessed that the only way to get that picture would be PhotoShop.


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