Friday, May 25, 2007

Dove-tailing in Springfield

I was down in Springfield for the past couple of days attending meetings and general work related hoo-ha.
I've never been to Springfield before. My goodness, what a sad little capital city!
I lived in Austin Texas for three years. Now, that's a state capital.
About the only attraction in Springfield are the Lincoln museums and tours of his house. I really wanted to go there because I'm a huge Mary Todd Lincoln buff. There's just something about insane, tragic women that's awfully appealing to me. . .
But, I didn't have time for Mrs. Lincoln. Maybe next time.
Anyway, I was in three meetings down there and there was this one guy who drove me crazy. He spoke a lot during the meetings and every time he would speak, he'd preface it with, "I'd just like to dove-tail onto . . . "
This guy was 'dove-tailing' like crazy.
And I was thinking, "Well, of course what you want to say should be relevant to what is being discussed! Otherwise, you'd look like an idiot."
How many times have you heard someone say in a meeting, "I'd like to dove-tail" or "I'd like to piggy-back. . . ."
Why do they have to preface their viewpoints like that? Why do they have to make an announcement that they are about to offer a viewpoint?
Are they shy about making a viewpoint and have to cushion it? Or is this just an example of attention-getting behavior?
I wonder if other people at meetings are as critical of what I say as I am of them?
It would serve me right.
Dove-tail. . . .
. . . idiot!


At 9:57 PM , Blogger Red7Eric said...

"Dove-tail" is a piece of corporate-speak that I've not yet been formally introduced to. Good thing, because I already don't like her.


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