Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin -- "You're On"

So, tonight is Governor Palin’s big moment and so much is riding on her speech. All the reporters around the world who have been speculating on hearsay about the Palins will avidly be covering the rumors about the gossip on the Palins.

If I were in her shoes tonight, I’d be scared out of my mind. A Thorazine drip with a Valium chaser would be required.

I don’t know much about her; certainly not enough to make any judgments. I’m sure McCain knows everything about her. My guess is that he’s probably learned her name by now and maybe gone so far as to check her i.d.

I will say that women are probably better suited for the executive office than men. After all, they’ve got that whole multi-tasking thing down much better than we do.

Back when our ancestors lived in caves, a cave man would concentrate all his brain power on, say, tracking a weasel. He’d be so focused on tracking said weasel that he wouldn’t notice a very large puma leaping out of a tree; and suddenly, he'd become puma chow.

Meanwhile, his mate would be back at the cave tending the fire, nursing a baby, making leftover weasel casserole, fighting off pumas and watching Susan Lucci on All My Children, all at the same time.

That ability to multi-task has definitely remained in our DNA.

I can attest this. I will walk right out into traffic if my cell phone rings. Speaking to a passenger while I’m driving is not conducive to anyone’s safety within a five mile radius. Just ask anyone who’s driven with me. (My dad will definitely verify this).

Listening to NPR while driving is risky behavior for me.

So, I’m all on board with a woman in the executive office. If only she’d taught her daughter that whole spermatozoa-not-meeting-the-ova thing rather than “just say no.”

A little tweaking of the “judgment DNA” might be in order for that family.

I still think she looks just like Peggy Hill.

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At 10:09 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

LOL! "Making leftover weasel casserole"! You crack me up, dooder! :)

At 1:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't even talk to the person in the car with me while driving. Amazing I'm still alive.


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