Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spingfield and Back

I’ve been in Springfield on business-related hoo-ha. I thought about taking the train down there because I really like trains. You just get on and they do all the driving. The seats are much roomier than on an airplane, you can talk on your cell phone, play on the internet, and get things to eat and drink in the snack car whenever you want.

If there’s a screaming baby or a smelly person next to you, you can usually just move to another car. The trains are seldom full.

The fares are soooo reasonable. For example, it’s only $24 from Chicago to Springfield which is 200 miles away. For some strange reason, it’s $33 to come back.

Also, there’s no security to go through in order to ride on a train. I could have four whole ounces of deadly shampoo in my carry-on and they wouldn’t say boo.

But, I didn’t taking the train. I spoke at a conference yesterday morning and the train doesn’t leave Springfield until 5:30 pm. There was no way I was going to
a) Actually attend the conference after my part was done or
b) Find something to do in Springfield for five hours.

Besides, my Zip Car has an iPod attachment which enables me to sing I Think I Love You over and over all the way to Springfield. I don’t think they’d let me do that on the train. I’d get kicked off in Joliet.

Also, having the Zip Car is my chance to shop and load it up with all the things I can’t get on foot. Sure, I could rent a Zip Car for a couple of hours here in Chicago, but this way I’m killing two birds with one stone.

Especially since my workplace reimburses me 58.5 cents per mile.

Here’s what I returned with:

5 cans of albacore tuna
4 half-gallons of tomato juice
1 new belt
3 pairs of black socks
1 ice pick (I’ve needed an ice pick for years)
1 roasting pan
1 roasting rack
8 boxes of peach flavored tea (I love peach flavored iced tea)
1 big bottle of Ibuprofen
1 big bottle of vitamins
1 duffel bag

As I was tuning the radio for something to listen to (I forgot to bring the aforementioned iPod) I came across this nice sounding song. It sounded folksy with a nice guitar accompaniment. The lyrics were something about finding the love of one’s life, etc. A nice bass line entered in, some cool-sounding percussion, dum, dum, de-dum, it was a really catchy tune.

Then, all of a sudden, it’s all about Jesus Christ this, and Jesus Christ that.

Goddamnit! These Christian radio stations are pretty insidious that way. They rope you in and then, wham!, hit you with the love of Jesus Christ, for crying out loud.

Christian “rock” has to be the worst. You can tell that those are just rock bands that couldn’t make it on the regular circuit.

I’m definitely bringing my iPod next time.

Today, I have to attend a job fair for people with disabilities at Navy Pier. Last year, there was a petting zoo there for the kids and they even had a sloth you could pet.

I am SO hitting that petting zoo today. I don't care if it is for kids; I'm going in.

I hope the sloth is back.


At 2:54 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I can't believe you forgot your iPod after all that.

At 4:12 PM , Blogger Barb said...

David Cassidy on IPOD ~ doesn't get much better than that. I actually saw him (third row center) back in the early 70's. He forgot the words to "I think I love you" but damn he was sexy in his white fringed jumpsuit!! LOL

At 7:19 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

This is hilarious. I hate it when that happens (Christian rock sneakin' up on you)!

And don't worry, David Cassidy karaoke will be coming up soon! :)

At 10:45 AM , Blogger fm said...

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