Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Wienerschitzel

When I was taking driver's ed back when I was 15 years years old, the culmination of our driving lessons consisted of making a left-hand turn at The Wienerschitzel.

That particular intersection was the only one busy enough to actually have a left-hand turn signal, so if we were able to turn left at The Wienerschitzel, one had pretty much mastered driver's ed.

The driving teacher would take three of us at a time to the Dreaded Wienerschitzel Intersection and let each of us have a go at it. Upon returning, our classmates immediately wanted to know, "How did you do at The Wienerschitzel?" We'd then relay each of our harrowing experiences and how intense it was to turn left at such a busy place.

So, as I was returning to my mom's house yesterday, I found myself sitting at the Dreaded Wienerschitzel Intersection waiting for the light to change. I realized that I'd passed by this place hundreds of times over the years but only remember eating there once.

They have a Polish sandwich that consists of sliced Polish sausage on rye bread with mustard, pickes, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. I was hungry.

I negotiated the car into the left-hand turn lane and wriggled my way into the drive-thru. Mind you, it was actually at the left-hand turn light, but it still took some tricky maneouvering.

My driver's ed teacher would have been proud.

Oh, and lookie here. The Wienerschitzel was featuring five chili dogs for five dollars. I took this pic and sent it to Iwanski. He would have liked this place.


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At 3:01 PM , Blogger Eric said...

I know what your thinking Lorraine. Lets have Weinerschnitzel and spaetzel for dinner next week some time


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