Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rooting for the Underdog

Obama, Clinton, McCain. . . Whatever.

Wanna know who I’m most excited over?

It’s Uno, the Beagle.

I’m recording the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tonight because this adorable Beagle named Uno won Best in Group and has a chance to win Best in Show tonight.

The reason I’m so excited is because:
1) I love Beagles. I used to have one.
2) A Beagle hasn’t won in 69 years. (That's 483 in dog years)

I enjoy rooting for the underdog.

He’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and has a personality to match. I hope he blows that foofey poodle out of the water.

I sort of keep up with dog shows because a good friend of mine, John, used to be very involved in the dog show curcuit. He showed Akitas and, at one time, had ten winners on his hands. His prize dog was a stud named Tigger and was truly an impressive beast.

John was a pretty impressive dog handler too. He's six-foot-eight.

John and I used to watch “Best in Show” together. (Love that movie!) He actually knew some of the judges that were featured in the movie. Once, I asked him if the dog owners were actually that eccentric.

“They’re much worse,” he said.

"Why do the judges feel the dog's testicles?"

"To make sure there's two of them."


Preparing an Akita for a show was quite a process. They have two coats a heavy fur and the under-coat needs to be thinned out. The process involved bathing the dogs in really warm water (dog-bathing facilities were located in his basement). Then, you take them in the yard and hit ‘em with the leaf blower. After that, the trees in the entire neighborhood would be festooned with dog fur.

His prize stud commanded quite a fee for his services. It was either cash or “pick of the litter.” That’s how John ended up with ten champion Akitas.

Oh, and sometimes Tigger’s studly donations could be procured without the recipient actually being there. (Don’t ask).

Yes, the dog show world is pretty strange.

Anyway, here’s hoping that dear little Uno wins Best in Show tonight.

I’m excited.

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