Friday, March 09, 2007

"The" tie

Back in 1985, I was living in Austin, Texas and took a trip to New York City with my roommate at the time. That was back when the discount airline, People Express, was operating.

Remember People Express? It was sooo discount. You just went to the airport with no reservations, were herded onto the airplane, and paid the flight attendant after it took off. (I don't know what would happen if you didn't have the money). The flight attendants didn't do anything but collect the money; no beverage service, no peanuts, probably no flight safety information.

The airfare from Houston to New York was $130 round trip. It was a long weekend.
Why stay home?

Well, my roommate and I were in Saks Fifth Avenue (the one on Fifth Avenue) and both of us saw this amazing tie at the same time (GASP!!!) and made a bee line for it.

Dang! It was fifty bucks. Neither of us wanted to spend fifty bucks on a tie. However, we both looked at each other and said, "I'd pay twenty-five for it."

So, we bought the tie and agreed to share it.

For the next two years, we would schedule when one of us would wear "the" tie to work and it worked out very well.

"Ummm. Is it okay if I wear 'the' tie today?"

"Sure. I'll wear it tomorrow."

"Great! Thanks, Buddy." (His name was Buddy)

Well, we parted ways as roommates always do. I moved to Dallas and he remained in Austin. Somehow, I ended up with "the" tie. I really don't remember how.

Anyway, I have to wear more professional clothing at the job where I've been temping and I found "the" tie and wore it yesterday. It looks pretty stunning against a white shirt and navy blazer.

Twenty-two years later, I still get a little thrill out of wearing "the" tie.

Buddy has no use for it. He's now a big-shot Roman Catholic priest in Austin. I should look him up and email a pic of "the" tie to him.

Or maybe I should let him wear it for the next twenty years. After all, he paid for half of it.


At 1:55 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

You have to email me Fr. Buddy's full name. I have a priest friend who was assigned to a parish in Austin last summer. I need to tell him to look up Buddy and see if he wants the tie.


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