Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Size Matters

Having grown up in a little-bitty town in Texas, I've always been fascinated with tall buildings. To me, size matters.

I remember as a kid, my grandparents would take my younger brother and me for weekend stays in San Antonio. We'd always stay at the Crockett Hotel downtown and I can still remember how excited I'd get when we'd be given a room on an upper floor.

Wow! Eight stories up! It was amazing

My little-bitty home town in Texas had an elevator in the court house on the town square. (See pic) It was the only elevator in town, so as kids, we'd ride our bikes to the court house and play on the elevator. That is, until someone usually shooed us away or even called our parents.

To this day, I still marvel at tall buildings. I love living in Chicago where downtown is anchored by the the Sears Tower and John Hancock building on each end.

Wow! One hundred ten stories up! It's amazing.

It's going to get even better here in Chicago. Of course, Donald Trump's new building is zooming up in the air and will top out at 94 stories. But in June, construction will begin on the new Fordham Spire which will top out (are you ready for this?) at one-hundred fifty stories! Two-thousand feet. (click on the pic)

It'll be much bigger than Donald's.

I wish I could tell that little kid in San Antonio who marveled at the Crockett Hotel that someday he'd be living on the 49th floor, work in an 80-story building and have a 150 story building as a neighbor.

He'd be awfully excited over that.


At 7:50 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Totally cool.

At 2:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember Rob and I buying pea shooters at the five and dime and having pea wars on the elevator and stairs at that courthouse. Even it was 35 years ago (dang!)I bet there are still little shrivelded-up peas at the bottom of that elevator shaft.


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