Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yay! Pea-Pod Trucks!

Todays high temperature here in Chicago is supposed to be zero.

There are no degrees outside. None.

Actually, the wind-chill this morning was a minus 31. The Chicago River down below me has frozen over.

I really don't want to go to the grocery store or get out at all. I just made a big pot of potato-corn chowder, got some snuggly blankets, and will NOT be watching the Super-Bowl.

I'm going to have food delivered instead. We have this really cool food-delivery service where you can go to an online grocery store called , click on everything you want and this really cute Pea Pod truck brings your order to you. The delivery fees are really cheap, too.

When it's really, really cold like this here in Chicago, just about the only traffic you see are dozens of cute little Pea Pod trucks bringing food to lazy people like me.


At 4:45 PM , Blogger Iwanski said...

Lorraine sholuld take notice that peapod is delivered by minions in green shirts.

At 5:07 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Why, funny you should mention that, Iwanski. I just did notice that. I particularly like the notion of minions with their own transportation.

At 5:12 PM , Blogger Br. Jonathan said...

I don't know what a minion is.


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