Saturday, January 21, 2006

Co-Worker Becomes Annoying After Canadian Residency

Chicago, IL. Fellow co-worker, Ron Henderson, has become even more annoying after a two-year residency in Canada to obtain a graduate degree.

Marketing representative, Sheila Weinberg, complains, "If I hear one more time how great it is to live in Canada, that guy's going down. It's really become ridiculous! You'd think he'd just finished working for the Peace Corps in Zimbabwe or something the way he goes on and on about having lived in a foreign country. Jeez. It's friggin' Canada, for crying out loud!

Henderson proudly displays a copy of his Canadian visa on the wall of his cubicle even though it had previously expired five years ago.

Sales consultant, Dan Capehart, also notes Henderson's annoying behavior: "It's bad enough that he asks for "a favour" in his emails, but then this loser sends another email correcting the spelling, saying that he's still used to Canadian spelling. Who cares?!"

"I don't think a day goes by that he doesn't mention something about having lived in Canada. It's either something about how great the metric system is or how Chicago winters are nothing compared to Canadian winters. If he thinks it's so great then why the hell doesn't he move back to Toronto? He probably flunked out of school and had to leave or something like that."

Capehart pauses and then scowls. "But if I hear him humming 'O Canada' one more time, that guy's gonna get pounded."


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