Sunday, November 12, 2006


I just noticed that all my links that I'd so laboriously posted are all gone now. Has anyone else had this same problem? And what about this new version of blogger?


At 8:51 AM , Blogger Kyle said...

I've not used Blogger Beta. I'm scared.

At 1:04 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

People like Grish and JP like beta alright. But they are way more geekier than you or I. I'm voting for "sit tight".

Can't imagine how your links could just spontaneously disappear, though. Does Rick Santorum have your password?

At 9:43 PM , Blogger Iwanski said...

If Rick Santorum had his password, all the links would point to

At 3:51 PM , Blogger Eric said...

Did you change your template to a new one recently?
I thing that will revert you to the default sidebar stuff

At 10:08 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Eric, you've solved the mystery. I was messing around with different templates the other day. I won't do that anymore. .



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