Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Dark Side

About two weeks ago, my life completely and irrevocably changed.
No, I didn’t win the lottery or fall madly in love or find out I have a long-lost identical twin. 

I got my first smart phone. 

I had always derided these folks who ride the train or bus while continually engrossed in their smart phones. However, the moment I was able to snap a photo and text it to my niece in Korea, my endorphins went into overdrive and I became one of them. 

I cannot imagine leaving home without my Samsung Galaxy S3. What would I do on the bus? Engage in reflective thought? Out of the question!

Speaking of buses, I never have to wait for one anymore. Before leaving my apartment or work, I just look on my phone, see when the bus is coming, amble out at the right moment and here it comes. 

Carrying a book to read on the bus? No more. It’s on my phone. 

My alarm clock recently died and I didn’t have to buy a new one. Yep, the smart phone wakes me up now. 

Banking: I had a check to deposit and the smart phone took a photo of the check and voila – it was in my account. (That was really cool.)

But the thing that surprised me the most was finding a computer game that I enjoy am addicted to.  I’ve never played computer games. I’ve never played Pac Man or Space Invaders or any of them. But when a friend of mine turned me on to Trainyard, I was hooked. (You get to design all these tracks, get the trains to combine, switch apart, cross over, keep them from crashing, in order to get them all from one station to another.) 

Here's a cool little video about Trainyard:

So now, I don’t even read my good book on the smart phone while on the bus.
I’m playing with my trains. 

So, yes, I’ve gone over to the dark side. 

I really just hope I don’t begin playing Trainyard during the sermon at church. 

Pray for me.

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At 12:29 AM , Blogger Harpers Keeper said...

Perfect summary. I've noticed the magazines stacking up. I used to tear into them as soon as they arrive. Now I just carry the phone.

I do love it though. :-)


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