Thursday, August 16, 2012


I haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because I thought I’d run out of ideas to write about. However, simply observing my fellow human beings never fails to provide me with ample fodder. 

The other day while in the subway, I noticed a fellow sporting the “sagging” pants. The waist of his jeans was practically down to his knees; the crotch almost dragged the ground. He had to stop repeatedly to pull them up in an attempt to keep them from coming completely off. It was obvious he was wearing plaid underpants. 

I thought, “That has got to be the stupidest way to wear clothes I’ve ever seen."

Sagging began in prison culture due to the inmates not being able to wear belts. Belts can be weapons or used to hang one’s self. Thus, the pants drooped well below the waist line. 

Why would anyone want to emulate prison life? -- And show their drawers and constantly have to give your pants a yank to keep them from falling all the way down? It’s just . . well. . .  stupid!

Then, I noticed a young woman in a short dress. 

It was a windy day in the Windy City (naturally) and the poor thing constantly had to grab her skimpy hemline as she tottered down the sidewalk in high heels. Why would anyone wear a short dress and continually have to adjust it, constantly sit “just so” so that your nether regions aren’t exposed, all the while perched precariously atop uncomfortable and dangerous footwear?

Again, I thought, “That has got to be the stupidest way to wear clothes I’ve ever seen.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do some shopping online. Those Dockers and argyle sweater-vests don’t manifest themselves out of nowhere, you know . . .  



At 3:14 PM , Blogger Bob said...

Why would anyone wanna wear Dockers and argyle sweater-vests.....


Let me step back in my plaid shorts and flip-flops........


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