Monday, August 20, 2012

Get With the Times

While riding on the bus, I noticed a periodic announcement that says, “Please be considerate of other passengers. Loud talking and radio playing are prohibited.”

Radio playing?

I think their announcement needs to be updated. Whenever I hear that announcement, I envision a bus passenger listening to a transistor radio – probably with Petula Clark’s “Downtown” blaring from it. 

Another announcement says to "Dial 9-1-1." 

“Dialing a telephone?” When was the last time you ever dialed a telephone” 

If you have at all, you’re probably over forty years old. 

Here’s something else that needs updating. Here’s the caution sign, telling motorists to slow down because children are prevalent. 

Notice that the boy is wearing knickers - - Knickers! From the 1930s. 

Even back in the sixties when I was a kid, I thought this sign was out of date. 

Not only is this boy’s attire out of date, the likelihood of seeing a kid running outside these days is virtually nil. 

They’re all inside, texting each other and listening to music on their smart phones.   

Listening to radios, dialing a phone, or children playing outside are things we need never  worry about.


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