Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter

As a society, I think we’ve become rather schizophrenic regarding the size of things. We can’t make up our minds whether bigger or smaller is better. Both seem to be de rigueur.

Take, for example, the television. Gone are the days of the simple 19-inch screen. Flat screen TVs are getting so large that man-caves are designed to accommodate 72-inch behemoths. We’re obsessed with bigger-is-better when it comes to our TV viewing.

Then you have the cell phone. Year after year, smaller and lighter seems to be the name of the game. And they can do everything, including – are you ready for this – storing and playing four hundred hours of TV viewing.

Oh, we just love the fact that we can watch TV on a cell phone the size of a Tic Tac.

We can’t make up our minds.

Another example: Women’s bosoms and automobiles.

During the seventies, 95 percent of teenage boys had the iconic poster of Farah Fawcett thumb-tacked on their bedroom walls. (The other five percent were admiring their sisters’ posters of Erik Estrada.)

And look at her little bosom.

Small, pert, and natural. The cars we drove reflected the same trend. Pintos, Gremlins, baby Hondas, all reflected our desire for economy.

And look at them nowadays. Bosoms and SUVs are the same: Puffed up, oversized, and enhanced way out of proportion. Everywhere you look, there are these ridiculous, puffy breasts and SUVs.

In three decades, there are going to be lots of women with sagging, skinny bodies but top-heavy buxom bosoms. Meanwhile, the SUVs of the early 21st century will look as ridiculous as a 1976 AMC Pacer.

Mark my words.

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At 7:41 PM , Blogger Bob said...

The Pacer.

That was one ugly car!!

At 10:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! Lots of food for thought. That's how we roll ... one extreme or the other. (PS: I drove a 1976 Gremlin for several years. I was SO cool!)


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