Friday, June 10, 2011


Have you ever longed for items from your youth? My teenage years took place in the 1970s which was a decade that saw a lot of strange fads come and go. And yes, I took part in them all. I was recently cruising on eBay and thought it would be fun to obtain some of the following items I enjoyed during the Seventies:

Pet Rock

Yes, I had a Pet Rock. Its name was Sebastian. I don’t recall whatever happened to him. Rocks stay around for millions of years which is comforting. Somewhere, somehow, I’m sure Sebastian is around.


During lunch hours on any school yard in 1972, one would hear the periodic klack, klack, klacky-klacky-klack of these ceramic-like balls on the end of strings that you’d clack back and forth. There was many an urban legend about these things shattering. Everyone knew a friend of a friend of someone who was blinded by these things.. I don’t ever recall seeing any news report about that actually happening or that they were recalled. Most likely, we just got bored with them. My brother threw mine high up in a tree where they remained for years.

Mood Ring

For about a month, we all had mood rings. For a 16 year old, it was a bona-fide way to detect if your girlfriend/boyfriend was horny.
Or not.

8-Track Tapes

Oh, the joy of slapping in that pink square of plastic into your tape deck as you roared off from the school parking lot to the wailing, screeching sounds of Led Zeppelin. And then hearing that jarring *cha-click* as it changed tracks right after Stairway to Heaven.

1976 Honda Civic

Yes, that was my first car. I loved that car. I had a blue one just like the one in the photo. Price? $3,300 brand new. That's a lot of hours working at Dairy Queen. I still have dreams that I’ve somehow kept it after all these years and am still driving it. I even installed an 8-Track tape deck in mine which blew out the electrical system.

Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill

The first alcohol I ever drank was this stuff. It was the epitome of pink bubble-gum wine. I loved it. Back in 1975, it was a dollar a bottle.
Stairway to Heaven never sounded better. . .

Sigh . . . Good Times . . .

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At 12:19 AM , Blogger Claire said...

I loved this...i had the clackers, the mood ring, and learned to drive stick on the original toyota corolla....last month I found my childhood bike in a vintage shop...purple spyder banana seat with tassels. $325 thesedays.

At 7:56 AM , Blogger Sadie J said...

I had them all, except the Civic. My first car was a 1972 Fury my Dad bought for $175! It was a block long and all of my friends fit in the front seat. Thanks for the memories!

At 4:01 PM , Blogger William V. Madison said...

Wow. I remember all of these things, without ever having owned any of them. Not sure if I feel deprived … or relieved.

At 3:13 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Hey, I remember those Clackers! I wonder why those were considered fun?? *smiles*


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