Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Getting Lao'd Again

Even though I had been to Lao Sze Chuan last week with The Girls, my friends, Jack and Steve proposed a visit there for Sunday. So, four days later I there again; this time with The Boys.

We ordered one of our favorite dishes: Shrimp with Mayonnaise Sauce.

I realize that doesn’t sound very Chinese-y and I don’t know the origins of this menu item, but holeee-COW, is it good! Big, plump shrimp get dipped in egg and cornstarch, lightly fried, and served with a slightly sweet sauce made from pineapple juice and mayonnaise. Trust me, you’ve never tasted shrimp this fresh and shrimpy.

Afterward, we went for a stroll through the outdoor mall area. Even though spring-like weather has yet to arrive in Chicago, the yum-yum trees were blossoming.

I couldn’t help but notice this item in the window of one of the markets.

“Essence of Chicken Drink.” Instantly, I envisioned an elderly Chinese woman twisting a chicken like one would wring out washcloth. Maybe chicken drink is good for colds.

Okay, I’m hungry for Chinese food again.


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