Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"There's Food in the Kitchen!"

At my workplace, there are several large meeting rooms on our floor that are used by other tenants of the building. There’s almost always breakfast, lunch, or snacks delivered to these meetings and seldom is everything consumed.

So, just about every day, our receptionist will send out the following email to us all:
“There’s food in the kitchen!”

A stampede ensues.

Most of the time, it consists of bagels and fruit remnants. After everything is picked over, this is a typical sight:

However, there will occasionally be the mother load: Huge serving dishes of ravioli, fettuccine Alfredo, salads, tiramisu and the like. Staff members descend upon it like Peanuts characters decorating the little Christmas tree.

I’m trying my best to diet. I faithfully bring a quart of vegetable juice from home to sip on all day. I nosh on a little bit of sushi for lunch. And then there’s that damn email:
“There’s food in the kitchen!”

I’m writing this with a giant cinnamon scone in front of me.


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