Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Want This Cake!

This photo was forwarded to me today with an accompanying story of how the cake was produced.

The narration described how a Walmart bakery employee took the order over the phone and wrote what she heard.

I really don't think that's how it happened.

I think that who ever was ordering the cake was the cause of this. They were probably ordering it online and in the section where it asks what you want written on the cake, the clueless person probably filled out the online order with:

Best Wishes Suzanne
Under Neat That
We will Miss You

The bakery-person probably looked at that order, burst out laughing and thought, "If that's what they wrote, that's what they'll get."

That's probably what happened.

At any rate, whenever I leave my current job or retire, I would love a cake just like this one!
(Only with my name on it, not Suzanne's, and with a buttercream-and-fondant frosting.)


At 2:40 PM , Blogger Mom said...

I do love that cake.

At 4:16 PM , Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

my birthday cakes always had the same theme...either had great huge boobs on the top or a giant dick..
either way it was lots of icing which I loved.

At 7:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want YDG's cake. But with the buttercream.

At 7:33 AM , Blogger Barb said...

Did you know there is a blog dedicated to stuff just like this. It's called Cake Wrecks. Some of the stuff is pretty darn funny.

At 8:03 PM , Blogger Ellie said...

yep, 2 favorite sites are cakewrecks and truckspills. is it mean that i laugh at the misfortune of others?


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