Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Business Trip

I was watching a rerun of "The Office" tonight -- the one where Michael Scott was sent on a business trip to Winnipeg. The one in Canada.

As you know, "The Office" takes place in Scranton. The one in Pennsylvania.

The flight attendant told Michael that there would be no meal on the flight since it was less than two hours in duration. I then got to wondering what route this trip took.

Would he have driven the two hours to New York and taken a direct flight? Would he have flown from Scranton and connected through New York? Maybe he flew on Northwest Airlines from Scranton and connected through either of their hubs in Detroit or Minneapolis. Knowing Northwest, it probably would have been that convenient Scranton-Detroit-Minneapolis-Winnipeg jaunt.

I tried to think of all the possibilities. I couldn't stop wondering about this.

So, I paused the Tivo, hopped onto Orbitz and requested a flight from Scranton to Winnipeg.

Duh. . .

United Airlines -- connecting through Chicago's O'Hare. My own back yard.

If I'd known that I would have popped out there to say hello during his layover.

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At 3:17 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

LOL! Oh Dooder, only you would think about things like this. *grin*


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