Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eating Healthy

Well, I was bound and determined to try and eat healthy today while "on the road."

I started off great. Breakfast at Dennys did not consist of an obscene Grand Slam Mega-Salt-Pork monstrosities. No, I got creative and ordered a bowl of oatmeal, ($1.89) a side of fresh fruit (1.89) and a large glass of tomato juice.

For lunch, I passed by a Cheddars, a Hooters, an Olive Garden and a Dead Lobster. Instead, I went to a boring little Subway and noshed on a tuna sandwith with spinach, cucumber, tomato, pickled peppers and Lite mayo.

Good boy.

Tonight, I am in a small town in the far northwest corner of Illinois. I was dead tired and totally didn't feel like sitting at another restaurant. I just wanted something I could snatch up and eat in my hotel room while watching CNN.

Damn those Whoppers. . .


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