Thursday, January 08, 2009

Morning Scene - No Dogs Allowed

The Viet Nam Memorial is just a block away from where I live. I've always thought it was strange that they make such a point not to allow dogs on the grounds.
Apparently, the Viet Nam Memorial people feel that the mere presence of a dog will sully the memory of the veterans.

And, they feel so strongly against dogs that they surveille the place.
24 hours a day.

I wonder if anyone with a dog has wanted to visit the memorial, seen the sign and was actually disappointed that they couldn't visit.

Tourist: Oh look, honey, the Viet Nam Memorial.

Tourist's wife: I didn't even know there was one in Chicago.

Tourist: Let's go see it!

Tourist's wife: We can't. We've got Meatwad with us and it says 'No Dogs Allowed.'

Tourist: Dang! . . . .

If I had a pet weasel, I'd bring it just to see what they'd do.


At 8:36 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I think they just don't want the dogs to wee on the memorial. I mean, let's face it...everything about that war was a debacle...from its engagement to the way the vets were treated when they got home. They're finally getting their due and then some journalist takes a picture of a dog lifting it's leg on the memorial or pooing in front of it? Political implications are just too much.

At 12:28 AM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Pet weasel! LOL! :)


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