Sunday, October 26, 2008

Business Travel

It’s Sunday night. I’m traveling for work and have just arrived at my hotel in the exciting metropolis of Peoria.

Actually, I’m staying at a rather nice hotel downtown and must admit that Peoria is a pretty unique looking town. Did you know it’s the second largest city in Illinois?

Frankly, I think most business travel is a colossal waste of money. In this modern world of webinars and tele-conferencing, do we actually need face-to-face contact to accomplish the objective?

Sure, the personal touch is always nicer, but does the expense of it really justify the benefit?

If I were King of the U.S., I’d eliminate 99 percent of business travel. But my workplace is making me do this, my satellite TV at home has conked out, so at least I have TV in my hotel room. I shouldn’t complain.

Sitting here in the comfort of a hotel room, I just cannot understand why anyone would deliberately go camping.

In a hotel room, you’ve got little bitty soaps and shampoos to keep you clean. Maid service provides you with a tidy room every day. One can access adult entertainment by punching a few buttons (not that any of it probably interests me).

Why would anyone give that up by going camping? You can never get as clean as you want, meals have dirt and bugs in them and going to the bathroom takes a lot of negotiating with unforeseen forces.

To me, “camping” is when room service closes down at 11 pm or when I can’t access wireless internet. Then, I’m forced to huddle by the glow of CNN on the TV.

I’ve brought my camera, so I’ll try to provide “morning scenes” from Peoria. I’ll be here until Wednesday and then I have to go to Springfield for the rest of the week.

Oops. Room service is here with my chicken Cesar salad.


At 8:57 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Glad you're surviving Peoria! *smiles*

People like camping because they like NATURE--unlike some people I know! *grin* Plus, it's much cheaper than moteling. Mind you, I also like hotel camping. :)

Hey, did you get my voice mail and e-mail from earlier today??


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