Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Waterview Tower

I seem to be talking about buildings a lot lately. . . .

But, yes, Chicago is definitely going through a building boom. At the moment, there are four condo buildings under construction that will be over 80 stories tall.

They are:

The Chicago Spire at 150 stories (I wanna live there)

The Trump International Monstrosity at 96 stories

The Waterview Tower at 90 stories

“Aqua” at 82 stories.

I’ve mentioned all of these except for The Waterview Tower. It’s going up just across the river from my place.

It seemed like, forever, that they were building the foundation for this place. I guess it’s because a 90 story building is being built on such a teeny-weeny spot of land, so the foundation must have to be extra special.

But, they’ve finally started building the actual building and it’s slowly rising. Soon, I will have 90 stories of dwellers all staring in my apartment, watching me watch Judge Judy.

Anyway, here it is being built. It’s to the right of the big building and will be a lot taller than the big building.
And here’s what it’ll look like when completed.
Oh, and just in case you’re wanting to live there, it looks like it’s going to be extra snooty. Prices range from a paltry $725,000 to a cool $25 million.

Who are these people that are going to live there??

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