Monday, April 07, 2008

A Pretty Day in Texas

This past Saturday was one of those extremely rare days in Texas when it was cool, clear and dry. Recognizing that such clement weather occurs only one day out of the year, a friend of mine and I decided to actually go hiking through one of those nature reserve things near Austin, Texas.
(Note: I generally loathe the outdoors and avoid it).

This nature-place thing had all sorts of flora and fauna along the way. Well, mostly flora; fauna, not so much. We saw a fish in the stream and some insects flying around. I was hoping to see a deer, a raccoon, or a possum. I would have even settled for a small snake.

We heard a waterfall in the distance. Here’s a pic.

I took this photo while standing on a ledge which had been occupied by a group of three lesbians. They were very nice and shared their ledge so that I could take some photos.

I say they were lesbians because they continued with their conversation, the subject matter of which included their female partners, support systems, their therapists and healing methodologies -- Definitely lesbians in their natural habitat doing what they do best. But they were very friendly and didn’t frighten me in the least.

We continued walking up the stream. It was pretty.
I'm back in Chicago now. I will now get my exercise in a climate controlled gym like God intended.


At 9:25 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

I still can't believe you went hiking OUTDOORS! What the heck HAPPENED to you while you were down in Texas? I'm glad you're back! *grin*


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