Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Flying Home

Air travel.

It’s always worth blogging about.

I arrived home to Chicago late last night -- exactly 12 hours after I was supposed to. The flight I was supposed to take from my little bitty home town to Houston had been cancelled because I would have been the only passenger on that flight.

I can understand an airline canceling a flight with only one passenger. Frankly, I would have felt a little silly being the only passenger, not to mention the huge environmental footprint. But please, dear airline people, don’t try lying to me by saying that the flight was cancelled due to “maintenance”.

I got a $150.00 voucher out of the deal and I was very polite, too.

Yes, that’s irritating to have your travel plans changed, but as with most events, it could have been worse. Perspective mollifies frustrating situations in most cases.

Subsequently, I was put on a VERY full flight from Houston to Chicago.

Why do guys always feel it necessary to sit with their legs spread so far apart? Are they trying to prove how macho they are?

I was sitting in a window seat and this enormous guy plops down next to me and immediately sits in a gynecological manner. Why is that?

After we had reached our cruising altitude, the tiny woman in front of me decided that she needed room enough to play handball or something. WHAM! She snapped her seat back as far as it would go.

So, I’m sitting there in seat 27-D with Enormo beside me and Miss Inconsiderata in my lap. I was already pretty frustrated with the whole flying ordeal to begin with.

What to do?

Well, since my flight had been delayed 12 hours, it had given me time for one more Huge Mexican Food lunch before I left. . . .

Here’s a picture of it. See the refried beans, the chili gravy and extra jalapenos?
So, I treated my selfish seatmates to periodic episodes of olfactory turbulence the entire way. Hey, if they wanna be that close to me, then deal with it.

I got home at midnight.

It’s good to be home.


At 7:51 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Olfactory turbulence! *hee hee*

I HATE it when guys sit with their legs spread really far apart---sooo irritating and creepy! I once had a guy sit next to me like that on the el--I got so creeped out that I got off one stop before I needed to.


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