Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reality TV Has Hit Bottom

I’ve never been a fan of reality TV. I know some folks just love ‘Survivor’ and the like, but I’ve never enjoyed those programs.

Life is real enough. I watch TV to escape reality.

And those reality shows are hardly ‘real’ at all. You can tell they’ve edited them an incredible amount, re-shot scenes, added dramatic music, and paused for commercials.

But now, I think the reality TV craze has gone too far.

Way too far.

Are you ready for this? (Hang on - - I’m warning you).

Tomorrow, actor Brad Garrett, the tall guy from Everybody Loves Raymond, will be undergoing a digital prostate exam on TV, all in the name of cancer awareness.
And this will be broadcast live! It’s all part of a celebrity extravaganza called “Stand Up For Cancer.” (Or rather ‘bend over’ in Garrett’s case).

My guess is that he’s following in the steps of Katie Couric when she underwent a colonoscopy on live TV.

Is this going to be the craze in primetime viewing pleasure? Celebs undergoing humiliating medical exams for all of us to watch?

What’s next? Kathy Griffin undergoing a pap smear?

Like I said, these ‘reality’ series are hardly real at all. Garrett will probably have to do about 30 ‘takes’ to get this just right.

And what doctor did they procure to do this? Maybe it’s not a doctor at all, but just some unknown actor pretending to be a doctor.

Will they have dramatic music playing during the procedure? I can just see the television directors approaching a TV musician, asking him to compose music for this:

“You want me to compose music to dramatize a doctor fingering someone’s butt?”

“Yes, but we want different music for the scene when he dons the rubber glove.”

Like I said, reality TV has now sunk to a new low.

I can’t decide which program is in poorer taste:

This one or coverage of the Republican National Convention.

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At 9:12 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Ha ha! Loved the ending! :)

Also, I want to go on record saying that I do NOT want to see Kathy Griffin undergoing a pap smear. Never ever EVER!!

At 11:38 AM , Anonymous Karen said...

Yes, truly a NEW low here.....think of the poor filming least they could have asked Brad Pitt or Jon Stamos to do it! I would watch that!


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