Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bigfoot Mystery Solved

Remember the two guys who claimed to have found a Bigfoot carcass in Georgia?

Are you ready for this???

(Brace yourself)


It was a hoax!!

Can you believe that??

Here's the story.

These two yahoos brought in an investigator to view the frozen Bigfoot body. As they thawed it out, the investigator felt the foot and realized it was made of rubber.


It was a Bigfoot costume from http://www.thehorrordome.com/

See? All along I was telling you all that I didn’t think this claim was for real.
And I was right!

What first clued me into the fact that this might be a hoax was that the alleged Bigfoot body was found in Georgia.

Oh my goodness, everyone knows that Bigfoot’s natural habitat isn’t in Georgia.
Arkansas maybe.
But certainly not Georgia.

When I heard that, I thought, “What is Bigfoot doing in Georgia? Looking for good barbecue? Does he like peaches?”

I think the perpetrators of this hoax are going to be slapped with fraud charges since they tried to make money off the deal. Imagine that.

Let this go to show you. . . . Don’t pull any Bigfoot hoaxes!!

‘Cause that’s mean and makes you a bad person and it’s not fair to Bigfoot.


At 7:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 2 guys must have a lot of free time!

At 4:46 PM , Blogger David Gerard said...

But the Bigfoot guys are such trustworthy fellows! I’m sure they just put a rubber suit out by mistake. Will the real Bigfoot be revealed?


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